Does DBA Coverage Extend To Overseas Military Contractors?

Does DBA Coverage Extend To Overseas Military Contractors?

Feb 25, 2021 | Defense Base Act

Overseas military contractors may be qualified for Defense Base Act (DBA) benefits, something crucial if you sustain injuries or contract an illness. DBA coverage allows your employer to send you home if your condition warrants it, making these benefits critical for contractors such as longshore and harbor workers.

In the event that you need to access these benefits, a defense base act attorney will be your first line of defense. These specialized attorneys understand DBA coverage and who qualifies. 

If you’re interested in learning about Defense Base Act benefits and whether or not you qualify, then keep reading for information all overseas military contractors need to know.  

Coverage and Injuries

DBA benefits don’t discriminate. No matter what job you perform, if you’re a qualified contractor working under DBA standards, then the coverage applies to you. 

Whether you work in security, construction, or as a pilot, you’re protected under these benefits if your role considers you a DBA contractor. Contractors and government employees are working the same dangerous jobs, risking life and limb, and DBA coverage protects your rights in these roles. 

Injuries include but are not limited to amputations, exposure to dangerous chemicals and substances such as asbestos, depression, shoulder and spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. 

Understanding Qualifications

Not every contractor will qualify for these benefits. There are requirements that you and your employer need to satisfy in order to receive coverage. 

For contractors that serve on U.S. bases in other countries, U.S. government agency employees, or contractors assisting with public works projects, you may qualify. Most of these locations are current or former war zones, so contact a defense base act attorney to confirm your coverage. 

Submitting a Claim

If you qualify for DBA benefits and need to file a claim, you should do so immediately. Make sure to seek medical attention before doing anything else, reporting your injury to your employer as soon as possible following treatment. 

Your attorney will need to see records of your earnings, including bonuses or overtime you were paid. You’ll also need to document your accident, so keep any medical records you obtain and all communication regarding your injury. This includes notification to your employer or supervisor, especially if it was in writing. 

Make sure to know the timeline for filing a claim. If you apply outside of the designated amount of time, you run the risk of jeopardizing your ability to claim DBA benefits, so make sure you file a claim as soon as you’re able to.

DBA Lawyers for Overseas Military Contractors

While your claim may be justified, your employer has a team of lawyers that might find fault with your request for benefits. A Defense Base Act lawyer ensures your case is treated fairly and that all overseas military contractors receive the compensation they deserve. 

Contact Barnes Law Firm today and let us help you with your Defense Base Act case. With over 20 years of experience, we’re committed to assisting you with all of your personal injury needs.