Delineating the Different Types of Distracted Driving That Exist Today

Delineating the Different Types of Distracted Driving That Exist Today

May 21, 2020 | Automobile Accident

Are you usually a distracted driver, but trying to be less of one? It’s a good idea to know the different types of distractions you can come across when driving so that you can learn how to avoid them. 

Distracted driving can be dangerous and even deadly. Stop this habit today to avoid an accident. Keep reading to learn more about the types of distracted driving you should be avoiding.

Visual Distractions 

This is the most common distraction while driving. A visual distraction is any distraction that makes your eyes wander from the road, no matter how quickly.

Often, this can be caused by distracting devices in the vehicle, such as a cell phone or a GPS. Other times, this distraction can be caused by something off the road, like a billboard. Whatever the visual distraction may be, it’s important to remind yourself that it can wait so that you aren’t putting your safety, and that of your passengers, at risk. 

This is a particularly dangerous distraction, as it causes a break in the attention a driver must constantly be focusing on their surroundings. Make sure to avoid this distraction by keeping your eyes on the road.

Turn your phone to silent and adjust your navigation systems before hitting the road to lower your chances of distraction. Turn your navigation system on audio mode to leave your directions hands free, keeping your eyes free to focus on the road. 

Manual Distractions 

A manual distraction is any outside distractor that causes the driver to take either one or both hands off the wheel. Things like eating and drinking, rummaging through a purse or bag or reaching for something in the back seat are common manual distractions. While these things may seem small, avoid them to make sure you have as much control of your vehicle as possible. 

Without having both hands on the wheel at all times there is no way to steer with proper reaction time when necessary. This can be the cause of the accident as you may veer into another lane, and it can also deter you from being able to avoid an accident before it happens. 

Cognitive Distractions 

Slightly less concrete and straight-forward as the above distractions, a cognitive distraction is any distraction that takes the driver’s focus off the road. A common cognitive distraction is talking on phones, even when the device is hands-free. Talking to other passengers or daydreaming can be other examples of cognitive distractions. 

This distraction makes it difficult for the driver to fully process potential hazards around them.

The Types of Distracted Driving Explained 

Knowing more about the different types of distracted driving can help you avoid these risks and help you practice safe driving. When driving, the driver must have their eyes and mind on their surroundings and their hands on the wheel to avoid accidents. Make sure you limit your distractions while driving to support the safety of yourself and others. 

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