DBA Claims 101: Understanding “Temporary Total Disability”

DBA Claims 101: Understanding “Temporary Total Disability”

Feb 11, 2021 | Defense Base Act, PTSD

One out of eleven people will be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in their lifetime. PTSD can ruin lives and make once functioning adults incapable of providing for themselves.

If you suffer from PTSD or have sustained some other form of emotional or physical trauma while working overseas as a government employee, you may qualify for temporary total disability.

Temporary total disability applies to government contractors as well as government employees. Read on to find out what it is and if you qualify.

What Is Temporary Total Disability?

Temporary total disability or TTD is a type of disability claim that many civilian contractors and government employees are eligible for. Temporary total disability pays out your full wages during your recovery process.

This payment is made during the entire duration of time while you are unable to work due to a physical or mental injury sustained on the job.

TTD differs from temporary partial disability in that it compensates you for your full lost wages, as opposed to a partial allotment. If you never recover from your injury enough to work, your payments will continue.

How Do I Qualify for TTD?

All employees that have sustained an injury while working at a U.S. military base on foreign soil are eligible for temporary total disability under the Defense Base Act. If you think that you qualify it is time to contact a defense base act attorney.

Injuries can be physical in nature such as a broken leg or degenerative back disorder. They can also be injuries related to emotional or mental anguish caused by exposure to high-stress or traumatic incidents on the job.

You can also qualify if a doctor has restricted the type of work that you can now do as a result of your injury. Even if your employer provides you some sort of work if it is not the same type of work for the same pay you may still be eligible.

Finding a Defense Base Act Lawyer

A DBA lawyer is the most capable person of handling any DBA claims related to worker’s compensation benefits. Only a DBA attorney can get your case moving in the right direction to ensure you the settlement you deserve.

These three tips will help you find the right lawyer to manage your case. That way you can move on with your recovery process. When you are a victim of PTSD or another work-related injury, you can feel trapped and hopeless.

Don’t fall victim to the system that destroyed your life. Get the justice, peace of mind, and compensation you deserve. Defense base act claims are almost always a sure win for those that qualify under the law’s strict criteria.

Start Your Recovery

If you are a victim of physical or mental trauma, you have enough to worry about. Let a defense base act lawyer handle your claim. That way you can get your temporary total disability and move on with your life.

Contact a DBA lawyer today to get the help that you need and deserve. You served your country overseas as a hero, let a lawyer treat you as such.