Can a DBA Lawyer Help You File for DBA Claims?

Can a DBA Lawyer Help You File for DBA Claims?

Mar 16, 2023 | Defense Base Act, PTSD

It’s estimated that one in eleven people will be diagnosed with PTSD in their lifetime, and the possibility of defense contract workers developing it is shockingly high. If you’re a civilian employee that developed PTSD or were injured while working outside the United States, you don’t have to suffer alone. 

A DBA lawyer specializes in these types of claims, and they can help you through the process of seeking compensation. Here’s what you need to know about hiring one.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements

Before hiring a DBA lawyer, you need to understand what a DBA claim is and whether you qualify. 

The Defense Base Act (DBA) offers workers’ compensation to a civilian employee serving as a contract worker or working on US military bases. 

You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You’re a civilian contractor
  • You work under a US government contract outside the United States
  • You work on a US military, air, or naval base OR
  • On land that’s occupied/used by the government for naval or military purposes

Those performing public work in territories or possessions outside the continental US may also qualify. 

If you qualify and you’re covered under the Defense Base Act, a DBA attorney can represent you. A DBA claim protects civilian defense contractors, covering medical expenses, disability, and death benefits. 

How a DBA Lawyer Can Help

If you were injured or you’re struggling with PTSD, it can be difficult and frustrating to go through the process on your own. Plus, you might make a mistake that can result in claim denial. 

Thankfully, a lawyer specializing in DBA claims will help you file the necessary documentation and take the required steps to receive compensation. 

Claim denial might occur if you don’t file a notice of injury or you don’t have medical documentation to support your case. Additionally, failure to fill out all necessary forms or improperly filed documentation can result in a denial. 

A DBA lawyer knows all the common mistakes and how to avoid them. They have the expertise necessary to help you through the entire process, meaning you’ll reduce the chances of a denial. 

Possible Benefits and Assistance

A successful claim provides many benefits, such as compensation for the following: 

  • Medical treatment
  • Partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Loss of earnings
  • Death benefits to a surviving spouse or child

US federal law requires that government contractors and subcontractors have workers’ compensation insurance. That means you have a right to compensation if you meet eligibility requirements. A DBA lawyer can help you avoid common pitfalls and receive the compensation you deserve. 

Navigate the Claims Process With a DBA Lawyer

Filing a DBA claim can be an intimidating and stressful experience, especially when you might make a mistake that can result in claim denial. Having the right legal representative on your side can help. 

Thomas Barnes is a DBA lawyer that strives to protect defense contractors and interpreters. If you’re a civilian employee, you were injured, and you need help with the DBA claims process, contact Barnes Law Firm today.