Are There Exceptions to Defense Base Act Claims?

Are There Exceptions to Defense Base Act Claims?

Aug 18, 2022 | Defense Base Act

Are you among the more than 330,000 people working in the army as a civilian? If so, you must familiarize yourself with the Defense Base Act Claims. DBA claims provide army civilian workers compensation in case of injuries.

Working alongside military personnel for the good of the country is noble. However, you expose yourself to all manner of danger. You never know when you’ll sustain injuries due to a surprise attack or something going wrong at the workplace.

It isn’t uncommon to suffer from PTSD after service, even though you served in a military capacity. Dive in to learn more about DBA claims.

DBA Coverage

This is an insurance that provides medical, death, or disability benefits for civilians working in military bases. The benefits apply if you sustain injuries during working and non-working hours.

Filing a DBA claim for total disability entitles you to two-thirds of your average weekly earnings. You’ll receive the benefits for life if the claim is successful. The DBA will cover the cost of treating your injuries at a hospital of your choice when the injuries don’t lead to death or disability.

Suppose you die at work, your child/spouse will receive half of your weekly earnings per week for life under the coverage. The benefit may improve to two-thirds of your weekly earnings if two or more dependents survive you.

DBA Claim Filing

You should contact your insurance and notify them of your injuries as soon as possible under the Act. Insurance companies should authorize immediate medical treatment if you need it after sustaining the injuries.

The Act requires your employer to file, within ten days, a First Report of Injury. An employer can choose not to file this report if you report for all the shifts despite sustaining injuries.

Types of DBA Claims

Before World War 2, the Act offered protection to civilians who only rendered services to military bases. More groups were included in the Act with time.

Now, companies working on public contracts with any U.S. agency can file DBA claims. Overseas private contractors on U.S. military bases and Americans offering services to the military overseas can lodge a claim under the Act too.

You should file a DBA claim if you sustain injuries in the course of executing a contract that the Foreign Assistance Act finances.

Exceptions to Defense Base Act Claims

If you are covered by the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act or if you are a crewmember/master of any vessel, the DBA won’t apply in your case. An employee who sustains injuries in the course of casual employment outside the usual course of trade won’t be eligible for claims under this Act too.

Let an Attorney Help You File Your DBA Claim

If you’ve sustained injuries while working, look no further than the Defense Base Act claims. An attorney will help you assess the suitability of your case. You’ll understand the right amount of compensation you should seek.

You have a better chance of securing compensation when you work with a professional who understands the legal intrigues of filing DBA claims. Contact Barnes Law Firm today for a free consultation.