A Beginner’s Guide to Working for the Military as a Civilian

A Beginner’s Guide to Working for the Military as a Civilian

Dec 7, 2019 | Defense Base Act

New jobs are always a case of adapting to the new rules and mindsets. This new job acclimation goes into overdrive when dealing with the military.

Working for the military as a civilian can be a massive change to how you might deal with a job. There are dozens of little details that become important. Knowing which ones you’ll have to deal with will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Today we will be going over these details so you can transition to the military complex without worry. 

The Ins and Outs of Working for the Military as a Civilian

Military bases have a lot of job positions across the board. While some of these positions are for military personnel only, there are several open slots for civilians as well.

When you have not been in the military, there are a lot of organizational details that you will not be familiar with. A lot of this will become part of your training, but it is best to have a concept of what to expect going in. 

Keeping Your Safety in Mind

Security is a massive part of working in any military complex. There will be many security checks that you will pass through daily. The biggest the complex, the more checks there will be. 

This will be a common part of your job and it is for your own safety. There is a lot of potential dangers that can threaten the complex, so precautions are better than consequences.

Knowing Your Accommodations and Amenities

There will be a few ways that you may find accommodations during your tenure at a military position. The options boil down to whether you will be on the base or living off base and commuting. 

1. Living on Base

The usual idea is that civilians and non-government personnel are not allowed to live on the base. 

The reason for this is twofold. Security can be a big reason. The other major one is that there is only so much space on the base and military personnel take priority. 

2. Living off Base

Sometimes there will be vacancies at the military complex you are working at. If this is the case, you may have the rare circumstance to live on the base as a civilian.

If you get this chance, note that you will have to conform to a high standard and need to keep up the security elements at all times on base.

As a civilian, you may get a bit of slack, but rules are still held to high regard.

The Perks

Working a military job has a lot of potential perks. It is a stable position with a high-end salary. Even the most minor of military positions has high benefits.

Health insurance, such as dental and medical, often come with many military positions. Most positions run by salary.

A military job can look great on a resume, giving you a great boost to future job prospects. As well, a military complex can be a great work environment, providing an organized and hard-working environment. 

A Guide for the Important Details

Now that you understand a bit more about working for the military as a civilian, your next military contract can be a lot more stress-free. Without sweating those small details, you can focus on excelling in your job.

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