7 Tips for Hiring a Defense Base Act Lawyer

7 Tips for Hiring a Defense Base Act Lawyer

May 6, 2022 | Defense Base Act

Want to know the best ways to find a Defense Base Act lawyer that will work for you?

The Defense Base Act (DBA) was created to offer workers’ compensation to civilians who work for the U.S. government overseas. Usually, these people work on military bases or other land operated by the military.

But filing DBA claims doesn’t always mean you’ll get the compensation you deserve. Having a defense attorney on your side can ensure you get the money you need. So, you need to know how to hire a Defense Base Act attorney.

Keep reading to learn our top 7 tips for hiring a DBA lawyer!

1. Use a Search Engine

First, you need to see which DBA lawyer is available to you. To do this, you can use a search engine. Search for “defense base act lawyer.”

This should give you a list of attorneys. Browse through their websites and look at the services they offer. Then, decide which attorneys you want to look into further.

2. Read Reviews

Once you’ve identified a few defense attorney professionals with whom you would like to work, start reading some reviews. Doing so will give you some insight into how well the lawyer works. 

Compare the reviews between the lawyers on your list. Then, select a few with whom to schedule a consultation.

3. Schedule a Consultation

Most defense base act lawyers offer initial free consultations. You should schedule at least several of these with different lawyers.

During the consultation, the lawyer will ask questions about your case. Likewise, you should ask questions about their work.

4. Look for Experience

When you consider which lawyer to hire, you need to look into their experience. The more experience a DBA attorney has, the better they’ll be able to handle your case. 

Sometimes, attorneys advertise their experience on their websites. If they don’t, you should ask about it during the consultation.

5. Find Someone Passionate About Your Case

People who are looking for a good Defense Base Act legal professional should find someone who cares about their case. In fact, you’ll want to find someone who is passionate about getting you justice. 

So, pay attention to how much the lawyer seems to care about your case when you go to the consultation session.

6. Look for Someone Who’s Easy to Work With

When you first contact a lawyer’s office, you should pay attention to how easy it is to get what you need from their staff. The staff should treat you in a professional manner.

Likewise, the lawyer should work with you to get the items you need.

7. Find Someone You Like

Finally, you should look for someone you like. If you like the lawyer as a person, working with them will be easier.

You’ll also feel better if you find someone you trust. That way, you can know your case is in good hands!

Ready to Hire a DBA Lawyer?

If you’re ready to hire a DBA lawyer, we can help.

At Barnes Law Firm, we specialize in helping civilian workers get the compensation they need from their Defense Base Act claims. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today!