6 Scenarios You’ll Need a Malpractice Lawyer In

6 Scenarios You’ll Need a Malpractice Lawyer In

Feb 22, 2018 | Malpractice Lawyer

Did you know that medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the United States?

Errors from doctors have the potential to drastically alter lives. Luckily, patients can fight back and get the compensation they deserve if they hire a malpractice lawyer to represent them in court.

Do you not know if your situation qualifies as malpractice? If you’ve experienced any of the following problems, you may have a case.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are surprisingly common. It’s estimated that preventable medication errors affect more than 7 million patients and cost almost $21 billion every year.

Being given too high of a dose, too low of a dose, or the wrong medicine can have severe consequences.

You could have an allergic reaction or suffer from an overdose. In some extreme cases, patients can die when they’re given the wrong medicine.

Childbirth Injuries and Complications

Childbirth injuries can affect both mothers and their babies.

Ignoring fetal distress, improperly using certain tools, and a failure to use proper birthing techniques like C-sections are all situations where you’ll need a malpractice lawyer.

Malpractice can also occur in pre-natal care. The failure to provide adequate care or diagnose disorders can also fall under malpractice.

Delayed or Mistaken Diagnosis

Patient outcomes can be dramatically affected by how quickly they’re diagnosed and treated for a certain problem.

Illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and other chronic conditions need to be caught early for effective treatment. Doctors can be sued for malpractice if it’s found that they could have caught something serious earlier.

Situations where patients are discharged from emergency rooms and still suffer from reoccurring problems can also fall under this.

Surgical Errors

Many people find that they need a malpractice lawyer after they’ve gone through surgery.

Surgeons can make mistakes, and those slip-ups can be deadly.

The surgeon may have accidentally punctured an organ or caused damage while they were operating. In some extreme cases, they may have operated on the wrong organ or may have left surgical tools inside the body.

Anesthesia Errors

In some cases, anesthesia errors can be more dangerous than other kinds of surgical problems.

A simple error from an anesthesiologist could result in serious injury, brain damage, and even death. Anesthesia errors can go beyond improper administration or using the wrong equipment or medicine.

Neglecting to look into a patient’s medical history for potential complications falls under malpractice. Failing to tell the patient about proper preoperative care to make anesthesia more effective and less dangerous is also malpractice.

Failure to Obtain Consent

Did you go in for one procedure, then have the doctor perform something else?

Consent is important in the medical field. Being given medications, treatments, or performing surgery without patient consent is important.

This can apply to children as well. If doctors don’t get the parents consent for treatments, you could have a malpractice case.

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