5 Tips for Filing a Claim Under the Defense Base Act

5 Tips for Filing a Claim Under the Defense Base Act

Aug 20, 2020 | Defense Base Act

There are currently over four million government contractors working in the United States. Many of these civilians spend time working overseas on military bases and at US embassies. 

If you’re thinking of taking one of these jobs, have you considered what will happen if you’re injured on the job? Will you be protected?

Thanks to the Defense Base Act, a workers compensation insurance specifically for US government contractors and subcontractors, you’ll be covered. Yet you’ll need to know what to do when filing.

Keep reading to learn about five important tips to follow when filing Defense Base Act claims. 

1. Report Your Injury Immediately

The sooner you report your injury, the more likely you’ll be to qualify for DBA compensation. So, as soon as you’re injured, notify your supervisor. It’s best to do this in writing, if possible, so you have a record of it.

You’ll need to tell him exactly what happened and describe the nature of your injuries. Remember, even if an injury seems minor at first, it could develop into something more serious down the line. 

No matter the injury, report it, just in case.

2. Visit a Doctor

Once you’ve let your supervisor know what has happened, you need to seek medical attention. Again, it’s important to visit a doctor even in the case of minor injuries. 

If it becomes more serious later on, it will be harder to file a successful claim without proof of visiting a doctor. By receiving a thorough medical evaluation following your injury, it will be easier for you to get what you’re owed during the DBA claims process.

3. Talk to Witnesses

Was there anyone around when you got injured? If so, gather their testimonies. These can be a powerful tool when filing your claim. 

Talk to your coworkers and anyone else who may have witnessed the injury occur and ask them to write a written account of what happened from their perspective. 

4. Document Everything

Immediately following your injury, try to gather as much documentation as you can. This will help further support your case and increase your chances of receiving the compensation you’re owed. 

If you can, document the following:

  • A written account of the injury and how it occurred
  • All wage records from your time on the job
  • Medical records from the visits following your injury
  • Any communication exchanged during the claims process
  • Written witness statements

The more documentation you have to support your claim, the better. 

5. Hire a Defense Base Act Attorney

Finally, in order to have the best chance at filing a successful claim, you should meet with a Defense Base Act lawyer to talk about your case. 

By hiring a lawyer who’s experienced in DBA cases, you’ll have a powerful partner working on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve.

We’re Experienced in Defense Base Act Claims

If you’ve been injured as a US government contractor and are unsure about the Defense Base Act claims process, we’re here to help. 

Our team will answer any questions you have and work with you throughout the entire process to help make sure you’re protected in the wake of an injury. 

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