5 Questions to Ask Your Potential DBA Lawyer

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential DBA Lawyer

Sep 8, 2022 | Defense Base Act

Have you been injured during a U.S. government contract job? Has your injury limited your ability to work? Under the Defense Base Act, you are entitled to compensation. 

With a DBA lawyer, you can be fairly represented. Some cases are disputed or denied. This is why it is imperative to hire a skilled DBA attorney who will speak on your behalf. 

Continue reading to learn more about questions you should ask your potential DBA attorney. 

#1. Do You Have Experience with DBA Cases? 

When finding an attorney for your DBA claim, it is essential you hire someone who specializes in DBA cases and has plenty of experience. During your initial consultation, ask about the attorney’s past success with DBA cases. 

Most lawyers are trying to sell their services during consultations, so they should be happy to oblige. Refrain from asking too personal of questions as there is lawyer-client confidentiality. 

#2. What Does Your Legal Approach Look Like? 

Another critical question to ask your potential DBA lawyer is what does your legal approach look like? What strategy will you use to argue my claim? 

Lawyers do not all think alike. While all DBA attorneys are knowledgeable about the DBA compensation process, some may have more appealing and aggressive legal methods

Discuss your claim in detail with your potential attorney and ask what their process would be like to best represent you. 

#3. What Does DBA Mean For Me? 

As a U.S. government contractor who worked overseas, you are probably familiar with the Defense Base Act but may not know exactly how it benefits you. 

A DBA lawyer can explain the Defense Base Act to you in detail and how it works. The DBA, established in 1941, was created with a good motive, but eligible individuals have found difficulty getting the compensation they deserve. 

What does the process look like? How will you help my case not get denied? These are great questions to think about. 

#4. What Does Your Fee Structure Look Like?

When selecting a DBA attorney, it is important to discuss fee structure. There are multiple fee approaches lawyers use, including hourly fees.

The good news is that many individuals who hire a DBA attorney will not have to pay these fees out of pocket. Often, the government or company you work for will pay this expense.

There are cases in which you will have to pay DBA lawyer fees, however. This is why it is important to have a candid discussion about fees with your potential attorney. 

#5. What Are My Chances? 

A skilled and talented lawyer can significantly increase your chances of compensation. There is only so much a lawyer can do, however.

As you explain your case to your potential attorney, ask them what they think of your case. Is my case doable? Do I have a high chance to get rewarded with compensation? 

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