5 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer Before Filing a Claim

5 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer Before Filing a Claim

Apr 15, 2018 | Automobile Accident

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. A simple mistake behind the wheel can leave you and anyone else in the car in unexpected pain and confusion.

Even some of the long-term effects of a car accident aren’t always obvious. Even though you may not feel pain right away, you could still be injured.

Your primary concern should be making sure you and those involved in the accident with you are safe.

A car accident lawyer can help to ensure you get the treatment you need. But when is it appropriate to hire an attorney? Here are five questions you should ask a car accident lawyer to make sure they’re the right fit for your case.

1. Are You Familiar With Cases Like This?

One of the most important questions for a lawyer is about their experience.

You want to know how long they’ve been practicing law. It’s also important to ask how much experience they have with cases like yours.

If there are any unique elements to your claim (including a hit and run driver) make sure to ask your lawyer in advance if they’re experienced with these issues.

2. Is My Case Strong Enough To Cover My Losses?

A serious accident can be expensive to recover from. Damage to your vehicle can be costly to repair even with insurance. Health bills can start to add up.

You should always ask your car accident lawyer if your case is strong enough to cover your losses.

Your lawyer may not have all of the answers up front, but they can at least tell you how they assess your claim before you agree to representation.

3. How Does Negotiation Work?

Not all cases go to court. In reality, you probably want to avoid court if at all possible. Court cases often take much longer to facilitate than settlements.

You want to understand how your lawyer approaches settlements when the time comes.

If your case does need to go to trial, make sure to ask if your attorney will be representing you in court. You want to know who you’ll have on your side before the time comes.

4. How Long Will The Case Last?

A car accident lawyer might not be able to answer this question up front, but you should still ask.

It’s important to know how long their cases usually last so that you have a better idea what to expect.

Every case is different, and yours will certainly be unique. Still, knowing your lawyer’s caseload and negotiation times will help remove any ambiguity from your estimated timeline.

5. Will I Be Able To Seek Treatment?

Lastly, make sure to ask about your treatment options. Some lawyers may prefer you work with certain physical therapists to manage your pain.

Make sure to ask if you’ll be able to seek treatment for your injuries and how often you’ll be required to see a doctor. Knowing how long your case might last will help you plan for the future.

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