5 DBA Lawyer Facts to Know Before Hiring an Attorney

5 DBA Lawyer Facts to Know Before Hiring an Attorney

May 21, 2021 | Defense Base Act

Do you have military-related health concerns? Or maybe you got injured while working overseas? Either way, a DBA lawyer might be exactly what you need. 

According to Defense Pricing and Contracting, DBA insurance is required for all public works contracts performed unless a waiver is obtained. This means that if you got injured overseas, you could file a claim for costs and benefits to help with your injury and living expenses. 

If you’re interested in winning a DBA claim, read on to learn five DBA lawyer facts to know before hiring an attorney.

1. They Specialize in DBA

DBA stands for Defense Base Act: an act passed in 1941 to protect people working on foreign soil, especially for the military. 

A Defense Base Act lawyer is an attorney who specializes specifically in DBA law. This is important because it means they know the ins and outs of it, all the rules and regulations, and any detail that may lead to a claim’s success or denial. 

The same way you want a doctor who specializes in an area of the body, you want an attorney who specializes in your cause. DBA attorneys are better for foreign soil injuries than regular workers’ comp attorneys. 

2. DBA Lawyers Can Help With Several Benefits

A DBA attorney is familiar with all of the types of benefits you can earn with a successful claim and can ensure you get all of the help you need. With a DBA claim, you can receive paid disability, medical care, rehabilitation, death benefits, and more. 

A good DBA lawyer can also help you get benefits for a pre-existing condition that was made worse on the job.  

3. They Defend Against Insurance Tricks

Just like every other claim, insurance companies don’t want to pay DBA claims and will do everything in their power to get out of it. 

Your insurance adjuster may try to get you to sign statements, refer you to a doctor, or assign you a nurse case manager to handle your treatment. For all of these interactions, it’s best to have a DBA lawyer present to ensure you don’t get scammed out of a claim. 

4. Experience Matters

When hiring an attorney, it’s important to always verify their experience first. A Defense Base Act attorney will have experience with DBA claims, but it’s always a good idea to find one with experience winning claims as similar to yours as possible.

Checking lawyer testimonials is a great way to ensure a lawyer knows what they’re doing and has the experience necessary. 

You should also always make sure that they’re certified by a trusted source

5. Not All Lawyers Are Created Equal

When it comes to Defense Base Act claims, not all lawyers are created equal – even if they all have DBA specializations. It’s important to pick the right lawyer for you. 

Experience is a good quality to have, but you also want to vet lawyers’ professionalism, character, resourcefulness, and cost. 

Hire the Right DBA Lawyer for You

When dealing with insurance claims, having an experienced lawyer at your side is the best thing you can do. If your claim is for an injury covered under the DBA, then a DBA lawyer will have the knowledge to help you win.

If you’re looking for a DBA lawyer, be sure to check out our injury law services today.