3 Things You Should Know About Defense Base Act Claims

3 Things You Should Know About Defense Base Act Claims

Apr 6, 2023 | Defense Base Act

If you work as a defense contractor or an interpreter, it pays to understand your rights and legal protections. One type of protection designated for people in these roles is the Defense Base Act (DBA). As its name suggests, this act covers employees working on US military bases or in embassies abroad.

While Defense Base Act claims can be helpful when it comes to securing financial compensation for injured workers, there are certain things you should know about before taking action. For example, did you know you might have to file a claim within a year of injury?

This quick guide will explore three key pieces of advice for Defense Base Act Claims. By the end, you’ll be well-informed and prepared if something happens while on duty.

What Is a Defense Base Act Claim?

Before diving into tips on how to file a Defense Base Act claim, let’s recap what they are. A Defense Base Act claim is a method that injured civilians and contractors from the US Armed Forces overseas can access for compensation.

If you have been employed or contracted for work with the US Armed Forces abroad and have suffered an injury or illness during your service, you may be eligible to file a Defense Base Act claim. The Defense Base Act provides coverage and payment to those who would otherwise not receive adequate compensation following their injuries or illnesses.

What is the goal of the DBA? To ensure that those who have sacrificed their health while providing services to the US will get the necessary health care. The aim is to help them access it without any financial burden.

Tips for Successful Defense Base Act Claims

We ultimately suggest working with a Defense Base Act lawyer. However, before you get in touch, here are three things to consider.

1. You Are Eligible

Any civilian contractor injured in service of the United States government qualifies for coverage. This coverage applies not only to US citizens but also to foreign nationals hired through US companies abroad.

Whether you are an employee, independent contractor, or volunteer doesn’t matter. You will be eligible for DBA coverage and compensation if you have served in government service.

2. Your Benefits May Be Capped

Your compensation with a DBA claim will vary depending on your situation and injury. Generally speaking, your benefits will be capped. However, remember that whatever amount you receive may provide significant financial relief during uncertain economic times. If you think you should receive more, contact a DBA lawyer.

3. You Can Access Help

Working with an experienced attorney specializing in DBA claims can significantly increase your chances of obtaining fair and just compensation for your injury or illness.

With legal representation from someone knowledgeable in this area, you can focus on recovering mentally and physically instead of worrying about navigating complex paperwork or dealing with insurance companies. A qualified DBA attorney will know how to get you the maximum compensation you qualify for.

Work With a Defense Base Act Attorney

If you need legal assistance with Defense Base Act claims, whatever the situation or location, Thomas Barnes is the lawyer to turn to. With unparalleled experience serving clients in South Texas, across the state, and even worldwide, he’s regarded as a knowledgeable attorney in matters of DBA claims.

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