3 Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Out Defense Base Act Claims

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Out Defense Base Act Claims

Aug 27, 2021 | Defense Base Act

In 2019, 53,000 American contractors were working in the Middle East, which is much more than the total troop amount of 35,000.

Essential defense contractors can suffer the same injuries as active-duty members (such as TBI, tinnitus, or PTSD). These injuries can impact your quality of life and income, and a denied claim can make matters worse.

Defense Base Act Claims provide life-changing support, but mistakes can cost you more than compensation. Continue reading to learn about what to avoid to get your DBA claims approved for the financial support you need for recovery.

1. Not Hiring a DBA Lawyer

The worst mistake is to not hire a Defense Base Act Attorney to provide legal help for your claim.

Searching for an experienced DBA attorney, such as from Barnes Law Firm, is one of the first steps to take with your claim. They will help you file correctly and guide you through the entire Defense Base Act claims process.

The process often involves doctor visits for diagnosis and insurance company communication. A Defense Base Act lawyer will give you insight and help you speak with insurance companies. Parties may misinterpret your words or actions, and a lawyer can help keep communication clear.

Sometimes your DBA worker’s compensation claim may be undervalued. This can be detrimental to your recovery both financially and emotionally. A lawyer will fight to make sure the claim gets approved and paid in full using their knowledge and experience. 

2. Being Dishonest

Filing your DBA claim requires complete honesty and accuracy in documentation. Withholding or changing information can lead to delays and may qualify as fraud, even if unintentional.

Additionally, you need to have open communication with your DBA attorney about doctor visits, conditions, and jobs. Other important information to share includes criminal records or previous claims.

When seeking medical treatment, doctors need honesty about previous injuries or current impairments. They also need to know about any prior treatment or medications, and any other discrepancies that may be discovered. Dishonesty about your injury severity can also impede your claim approval.

For documentation or form questions, your DBA lawyer will be your biggest resource. Accidentally stating the wrong income or dates of injury can cause an automatic denial. It’s understandable to want to get the highest compensation you need, but dishonesty can cause delays and consequences.

3. Not Reporting or Filing on Time

You need to report any injuries or damage as soon as possible. Without this report, your claim may lack sufficient evidence.

Whether it’s a COPT claim or a PTSD claim, you need to file it on time. There is limited time to file a claim depending on the injury, and the timeline is often a year.

Accurately following the documentation process, including having witnesses, will also help your claim. 

Defense Base Act Claims Help

Countless mistakes can be made with Defense Base Act claims, but a DBA lawyer can help you avoid them.

Whether it’s a shoulder injury from Russia or severe burns from Iraq, Barnes Law Firm will fight for your claim. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll make sure your claim is filed correctly and you are fully compensated.

Contact us today for a free English or Spanish consultation and DBA claim representation.