3 Important Reasons To Hire A Jones Act Lawyer

3 Important Reasons To Hire A Jones Act Lawyer

Dec 7, 2017 | Jones Act Lawyer

If you’ve sustained injuries while working offshore, you have the right to be compensated. The following are 3 important reasons to hire a Jones Act lawyer.

Have you been injured while working at sea?

You may be eligible for money under the Jones Act. The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, better known as the Jones Act, covers maritime injuries and offers great protection for workers. The Jones Act even covers someone’s accident that had partially been caused by their own negligence.

Even if you’ve received monetary help for medical treatment, you may be entitled to more. There is one step you need to take before you can take full advantage of this law though. You need to hire someone experienced and knowledgeable about the law.

Here are the 3 top reasons you need to get a Jones Act lawyer for your claim today:

1. A Lawyer Will Be Able to Figure out Your Claim

No matter what type of claim you file, you’ll need a lawyer. The thing maritime workers need to consider before getting started on filing their claim is that the claim itself is complicated. There may even be changes to the law that you would need to keep up with.

A Jones Act lawyer understands this and is able to determine if you are eligible to file a claim under the act. They will also be aware of any loopholes that employers will use to try and wiggle their way out of compensating you. Because of this, they can defend you against anything a company may throw at you in court.

Especially if you are going up against a major corporation, you will want someone who is experienced on your side.

2. Experienced Lawyers Can Prove Your Injuries

Once you make a claim, companies will try to call your injuries into question, but any injury on a ship, whether living on it, coming in, or exiting the ship, is covered.

Sometimes, especially when a little time has passed, companies will claim your injuries were caused by something else; they will try and avoid responsibility at all costs. A good Jones Act lawyer can find out if your injury is, in fact, eligible under the act.

They can even call on expert witnesses to prove it. If you have a medical condition that developed after your accident, they can prove causation. And at the end of the day, a better proof of injury equals more compensation in your pocket.

3. They’ll Help Get a Settlement for Your Injury

Unfortunately, Jones Act Claims don’t always end in a win for the worker, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll walk away empty-handed. You may still be eligible for a settlement out of court.

Even if there isn’t a win per se, your lawyer can negotiate to get you a healthy settlement that you’ll be happy with. In fact, this may actually be better for you since you get money from a settlement sooner.

Get a Jones Act Lawyer for Your Maritime Injury

A hard-working lawyer will fight for you. This doesn’t just cover medical costs, but can also make up for lost wages and pain and suffering.

If you want to find out more about Jones Act claims, contact us today. Your first consultation is free and we only get paid if you get paid.