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Defense Base Act Archives

Preventing back injuries from here to there

Geography is unimportant to an injured back. Your muscles don't know if they were strained, over-stretched or torn on a construction site in Houston or a military base in Turkey, South Korea or Germany. The results are the same: workplace injuries that can often mean medical treatments, rehabilitation and sometimes even surgery.

Flying, fighting, winning as an Air Force civilian contractor

In some important ways, civilian contractors create little U.S. islands in foreign nations. Military bases are like islands replete with many of the comforts of home, but with a mission to maintain a U.S. presence overseas so that the homeland remains free and secure.

GAO stresses importance of civilian contractors to U.S. military

When the totals of active, reserve, civilian employees and contractors are added up, the various branches of the U.S. military has more than 2 million people as part of the worldwide effort to keep the nation safe and secure. Part of the Defense Department's job is to know what skill sets those people possess and what skill sets the DOD needs.

Defense Base Act is not guaranteed in writing

If you've served as a civilian contractor in an active conflict zone, you know that nothing comes easy. The "do it the hard way" philosophy often insidiously finds its way back home for contractors who fall victim to injury or illness overseas. Does it ever get any easier?

Shifting the risks to civilian contractors

Though a 10 percent increase in military spending has been proposed by the Trump administration, it is not yet clear if Congress will go along with the idea. While the budget's future is unclear, the future of civilian contractors is crystalline, according to a recent article in Government Executive, a publication devoted to news of government-related business.