Houston Job Injury Lawyer

If your employer or its insurer has failed to recognize the severity of your workplace injury — at an oil rig or natural gas site, offshore, longshore or in a country where national security interests are at stake — you need the help of an experienced worker injury lawyer with a reputation for results.

The skilled Texas attorney who works hard for workers' comp settlements that reflect your injury losses is Thomas Barnes, founder of the Barnes Law Firm, LLP, in Houston.

Thomas Barnes offers 20 years of experience and keen client commitment that put your legal and health needs first. He investigates the circumstances of the accident that caused your serious injury and fights for the medical and disability benefits you need to put you back on the job.

At the Barnes Law Firm, we know the Texas workers' compensation laws. We can help you with all phases of a Texas workers' compensation claim. From the initial filing to the appeal of a claim denial, from the reinstatement of benefits after a discontinuation, to a BRC or CCH hearing at the DWC, Thomas Barnes makes it his goal to protect your rights.

The Texas workers' compensation system can be intimidating and difficult to understand. But the law is on your side. Don't let the Texas workers' compensation system take advantage of you. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Comprehensive Texas Workers' Compensation Representation That Protects Your Rights

Our workers' compensation attorney aggressively represents your interests as well as helps ensure that you obtain the proper amount of benefits you need and deserve. Our workers' compensation attorney will help you complete any paperwork necessary to apply for benefits or appeal a denial in the Texas workers' compensation system. We can also appear at all hearings, which include any proceedings before administrative boards in the Texas workers' compensation system.

The Barnes Law Firm handles all workers' comp claims on a percentage fee basis as outlined by law. Should we be unable to obtain compensation for your workers' comp injury, you will not pay for attorney fees.

Certain issues in the Texas workers' compensation system can create situations that are very time sensitive and may require a timely response to preserve certain rights. There may also be other potential legal actions or laws related to your workers' comp injury, which may not fall under the Texas workers' compensation system. If you're not sure what your course of action should be, consulting an experienced workers' comp lawyer is always good advice.

We realize that having a work injury can be very stressful. We know that understanding your legal rights in the Texas workers' compensation system and the options available to you is the first step to recovery.

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