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Dangerous jobs at home and overseas

If you fall down a flight of stairs in Houston, you are just as likely to be injured as when a person falls down a flight of stairs on a U.S. military base in Japan, Honduras or Burkina Faso. If you are struck by a powered industrial truck in Texas, you are just as likely to suffer an injury as if you were struck by a powered industrial truck in Thailand, Germany or Afghanistan.

Geography typically has little to do with workplace injuries, though there are some exceptions. In some situations, a contractor working on a military base in another country will face hazards workers in this country don't have to contend with and vice versa.

Recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the overall fatality rate in U.S. workplaces dropped slightly last year to 3.38 deaths per 100,000 workers. 

At the very top of the list compiled by Forbes of the most dangerous jobs in America is one unlikely to have counterparts on U.S. bases around the world: logging worker. The fatal injury rate in the occupation is an astounding 132.7.

The second most dangerous job in the U.S. is also unlikely to have many contractor parallels: fishers and fishing workers (fatal injury rate: 54.8).

Some of the other risky jobs certainly have parallels among contractors, however, including: aircraft pilot/flight engineer (fatality rate: 40.4); roofers (39.7); refuse/recycling workers (38.8); structural iron and steel workers; drivers and truckers (24.3).

When someone is injured on the job overseas, compensation for damages is available through the Defense Base Act. If you have any questions about the Defense Base Act and how this can affect you or a loved one, please contact the Barnes Law Firm at 713-652-4002 for a confidential consultation.

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