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Military contractor presence slated to increase

The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has entangled the United States ever since we invaded in the weeks following September 11, 2001. The fighting shows no signs of ending in the remaining weeks of the Obama administration either.

As part of the U.S. military and civilian efforts that that will extend into next year, at least, the Pentagon recently announced that the number of military advisers at a camp in the desert province of Helmand will increase from 25 to 100. But the soldiers who provide security at Camp Shorab in Helmand are to be replaced by civilian contractors.

The U.S. Army personnel at Camp Shorab will be replaced in spring of 2017 by members of the U.S. Marine Corps, according to a report.

The province of Helmand is in Afghanistan's southwest, bordering Pakistan.

It is understood that the civilians working for the military and providing security at the camp will face risks that include gunfire and attacks with other munitions. The risks that contractors take don't end there, however, as they also must contend with injuries that can be caused in routine mishaps such as motor vehicle accidents, workplace incidents and more.

Whether a contractor is working in the Afghanistan desert, on a base nestled among German villages or on a border outpost in South Korea, the risk of injury is always present. When an injury does occur, the contractor is protected by the Defense Base Act and insurance.

If an insurer has denied your claim, you can speak with an attorney experienced in protecting contractor rights.

If you have any questions about the Defense Base Act and how this can affect you or a loved one, please contact the Barnes Law Firm at 713-652-4002 for a confidential consultation.

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