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September 2016 Archives

Construction work, demolition begins on overseas U.S. base

The federal government recently told a U.S. District Court of the Pentagon's plans to demolish a portion of the Guantánamo Bay prison complex in order to construct a medical facility. The filing notes that work has already begun on the controversial prison complex that President Obama has said he wants to shut down before he leaves office.

Defense contractors in Afghanistan vastly outnumber U.S. troops

The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan began 15 years ago. To this day, we have more than 8,000 troops stationed there, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service. Perhaps more interesting even than the number of troops stationed in the rugged, mountainous nation is the number of Defense Department contractors there.

A general overview of the Defense Base Act

Since the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. has been embroiled in a Middle East conflict that has utilized a high number of civilian resources to combat terrorism abroad. More than in any other foreign conflict before, civilian contractors have been called upon to work in support of the armed forces.

Contractors to dispose of dangerous firefighting chemical

The foam is intended to save property and life, but recent reports indicate that the fire suppressant is linked to injuries and water contamination. A veteran firefighter said his face was chemically burned by the aqueous film forming foam, or AFFF. Since the incident, he has missed more than three months of work.