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Defense Base Act: An overview

United States government interests and obligations extend around the globe, requiring us to have contractors and subcontractors working in far-flung places. Just because they are far from home does not mean employees of those companies do not have some of the very same worker protections employees in the states have.

One of the most important of those protections is workers' compensation insurance required by the Defense Base Act.

The Defense Base Act requires every private employer to obtain workers' compensation insurance for employees on military bases, doing construction work on public works contracts, working for the USO, and in other situations on bases and projects around the world.

The compensation includes medical, disability and death benefits for employees injured "in the course of employment, whether or not the injury or death occurred during work hours," the U.S. Department of Labor says on its website.

In many situations, the stakes are high. Consider, for example, matters involving total disability. The covered employee is to receive two-thirds of his or her average weekly pay, up to a maximum of $1,030 weekly. Because that benefit can be for life, total compensation can exceed $1 million in less than 18 years.

Not only are the stakes high for the injured or disabled worker and family, but also high for the insurer. That can sometimes mean that an insurer will try to deny earned and deserved benefits.

An experienced, skilled Defense Base Act attorney can protect you, your financial interests and your family, no matter where you are.

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