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American contractor killed while working overseas

Last year, a secret arms deal involving 30-year-old weapons lead to the death of an American civilian contractor while he was working in Bulgaria.

In 2015, the Pentagon made a deal with a small U.S. contracting company to help arm Syrian rebels in their clash against the self-declared Islamic State. The contractor, Purple Shovel, LLC, was hired to obtain various weapons and ammunition, which in turn would be given to the rebels.

Due to the high demand in the global market at the time, Purple Shovel hired subcontractors to help fulfill the $50 million order. Purple Shovel ultimately received approval to acquire 700 anti-tank grenades from Belarus through one of its subcontractors, Skybridge Tactical. The U.S. government had initially rejected the deal due to the age of the weapons and due to import restrictions with Belarus.

A deadly purchase

While reports regarding the incident vary, an employee of Skybridge Tactical was killed - and two additional Americans injured - while testing the weapons and the old ammunition. Whether or not it is determined that Purple Shovel or Skybridge Tactical broke any laws by purchasing from Belarus, the 41-year-old Navy veteran leaves behind a wife and two young children.

Recovery under the Defense Base Act

While no amount of money can every replace a loved one or compensate an injury victim for his or her losses, employees and their surviving family members often need help securing their financial futures. The Defense Base Act allows overseas civilian contractors - and their families - a means of recovery.

Recover what you've lost with the help of an experienced Defense Base Act lawyer. An attorney at Barnes Law Firm, Ltd. LLP, in Houston, Texas, can help you file a claim no matter where you are located.

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